Building a Winning UX Strategy Using the Kano Model

Jared Spool

The ultimate goal for user experience is that users enjoy using your product or service. Many companies use satisfaction as a metric for measuring their success. But satisfaction is really just the lack of frustration. You should be focused on what you can do to delight your users. Jared Spool uses the example of Apple delivering 200 new features every time a new product comes out. Multiplying features can be risky: it creates complexity and so lower the experience. Following Jared Spool smart companies anylse their users’ attitude to realize they only use few features. However, if a map service only provide basical features, it won’t provide a great user experience, you’ll only provide a neutral satisfaction. The point is, for companies, to create generators of ecstasy: that’s where the value is. Saying “no” to new features, focusing on what’s really providing value is hard to do for some companies. Jared Spool gives the advice to add value to existing features and not to create new ones every time. In this talk, Jared Spool, founder of User Interface Engineering presents the Kano Model which helps you gauge your users’ expectations.